Current Exhibitor: Carol-Anne Morrison


Our current exhibitor is a local artist, Carol-Anne Morrison.

Here’s a few words from the artist herself…

Wool Waffle, waffle, waffle… here it is…

Born and bred in Launceston to a great crafty Mum , and a dad that competed  in the show arena wood chopping and chain sawing…… so we were dragged along to most of the northern Tasmanian shows …. very rural and very exciting as a kid.

Only problem with being the only girl in 5 kids, my parents expected me to always go in the miss show girl…. I actually didn’t even want to be a girl, so always vanished when I was expected to perform. One such time was the Circular Head Show, I was about 6 and my baby bro was 4…. we were dressed to the nines and threatened with sure death if we didn’t turn up for the event!!

But we were adventurers and were set free to wonder, so long as we were back in time to do the one trick pony act.

Headed straight to the shearing sheds to watch the competition ….. We were mesmerised, but quickly aware that they were running out of space in the bale. My brother and I always picked a shearer each to win ,so we were old hands around the  excitement, but caught up in the moment, when the chap on the mike asked if anyone could help with the bale situation, we leapt to our feet and jumped in the bale and kept jumping the wool down until the shearers were done!!!!

One of the most wonderful days of my life….. until we presented ourselves back to our beautiful Mum (She had made both out lovely outfits for the day). We were black from the chest down with lanolin and sheep droppings .

I think she cried all the way home, sorry mum.

My love of sheep and wool has lasted 55 years and just grows with every season.

Working with Tasmanian wool is a gift from God and  the universe.

I really do believe I am blessed and want to teach all I know…. still tons to learn for me.

They say when you go on a journey take someone with you, it multiplies the joy manyfold.

That’s how I feel about teaching Fibre, Texture, Slow fashion, Sustainable earth friendly woollen cloth.


You can view her work at Gallery Windsor until the 30th of July, we highly recommend her work!