World Wetlands Day 2016
Tamar Island Workshops with WTAG

WTAG members helped promote and support International Wetlands Day, by participating in some interesting workshops and an interactive installation. Besides the activities on the deck, you could take a lovely stroll out to the island where some of the fun was.

Jillianne Spencer
Weave a nest from paper bark (Melaleuca ericafolia )
Return it to the natural environment from whence it came enabling you to return and see what has become of it during the coming months.

Ralf Haertel
Will create a large scale Frog Maze Installation using the native Phagmites australis reeds. The public will be able to be involved in creating the installation during the workshop.

Robyn Barnet
Seed Bombs are made from seeds gathered at Tamar Wetlands and Tamar Island, handmade paper and glue; the bombs made at the workshop will be distributed in the reserve to help re-vegetation. All materials supplied no skill needed.

Date Held: Tuesday 2 February 2016
Time: 10am – 3pm
Location: Tamar Island Wetlands, Riverside.