Events & Exhibitions


Events & Exhibitions

Moments of Colour and Texture

An exhibition of landscapes by Carol Lucas and textiles by Christine Davson-Galle at Windsor Gallery, Riverside Community Precinct (5th October – 30th October).

Past Exhibitions

Unmedicated and Unsupervised

An exhibition by Carol-Anne Morrison of textiles that show mastery of weaving, felting and sewing in a variety of materials – including wool silk, cotton and linen.

Expressions of Life and Culture from the Earth – March, 2020

An exhibition by John Snedden. His work features detailed ceramic formations of shapes mounted on wood, in 2 dimensions.  John’s work is a superb and delightful presentation of ceramic imagery.

A Colourful Journey – February, 2020

An exhibition by Teresa Brimo. There are explorations of memories, through the expression of light and vibrant colour- including still life, landscapes and portraits.

Newfields Printmakers – Dec 2019 to Jan 2020

An exhibition by Julie Irvin, Gaynor Peaty and Justine Vaughan of collagraphs and linocuts. The images include textural detail and delicate line work, embodied in representations of plant life, animals, landscape, abstract and figurative work.

Seasons – Nov 2019

An exhibition of oil, acrylic and water colour paintings by Shija Mathew.

Light and Shade – October, 2019

An exhibition by Bruce Penn featuring superb drawing techniques using coloured pencils, as well as monochrome pointillism.

Beauty and the Beast – September, 2019

An exhibition by Noel and Beckie Eagling of landscapes that feature the coast predominate, in beautiful colours and textures.

Photographic Competition Display – August, 2019

During May-June, we held our first photographic competition for children aged 10-17 years of age. These were then displayed at the Windsor Gallery during August.

The First, Last and Only Mike Joines – July, 2019

The First, Last and Only Mike Joines was an exhibition of works by Mike Joines, featuring landscapes, seascapes, and still life.

Dolls and Daydreams – June 2019

Dolls and Daydreams was an exhibition of works by Sylvie Wylie, exploring themes of childhood, carnival shows and daydreams.


Windsor Community Precinct
1 Windsor Drive, Riverside, TAS

Open: Mon-Sat from 9am to 5pm, times may vary occasionally.

Exeter Art Studios

A community working space for artists, located in the Exeter Show Hall.
Main Rd. Exeter

Open: Wed-Sun from 10am to 5pm, November through to April.




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