West Tamar Arts Group

…promoting visual and performing arts in the Tamar Valley

What We Do

Our MISSION is to build community, capital and vibrancy for the people of the Tamar Valley and surrounding area. To educate and promote the arts and community cultural development in the Tamar Valley.
To provide a resource for all other arts groups and artists in the Tamar Valley.

Raise the profile and sustainability of artist and their artistic practice.
To encourage and develop the artistic potential of all residents in our community.
To provide access to a diverse range of arts events and performances.
Contribute to the development of a socially inclusive, healthy and resilient community.

Promoting our region, its values and attributes.
Develop partnerships with private and commercial businesses.
Develop a sound working relationship with local and state government.
Collaborate and support arts events within in our region
Our mantra is to make our next and every event a masterpiece.